some pointers:



are genereally charged per standard line.

A standard line ist made up of 55 characters, including spaces. This billing method is referred to as "price per standard line".

A character is also called a stroke. Using the "price per standard line", a "price per stroke" can be calculated.

Specialised texts are more time consuming and are thus charged at a higher rate.

In some instances, a set "price per page" will be calculated.



are split in two categories. Dialog can be transcribed into same-language subtitles. Alternatively, the subtitles can, after transcription, also be translated.

In each case, the subtitles are created, cut, synchronised, and placed onto the video. They are then delivered in the required subtitle format.

YouTube and Vimeo videos can be captioned without incurring a loss of existing statistics, even if they have already been uploaded.

Approximately 30 minutes of video can be subtitled per day.



as well as text composition can either be assisted or taken over wholly.



are formatted as pure text and can be comissioned in English and German.



of all texts are offered in English and German at university level.


urgent jobs

are more demanding and are thus accompanied by a 30% surcharge.