A new approach.




what crosstext offers


Crosstext specialises in the creative aspects of translation and subtitling in German and English. 

There are, of course, a vast number of translators working with the language pair German/English. A true and intimate native speaker knowledge of both languages is, however, usually not given. This is where Crosstext sets itself apart from the masses. If your text, no matter how special it is, needs to be as authentic in German as you have composed it in English, then you are on Crosstext's home turf!





Crosstext is a contemporary wording company set out to refresh the text business.

Next to the high standards in translations and subtitling, great value is placed on creating work with a modern, stylish and personal touch. The focus further falls on producing an outcome which accommodates your wishes while being able to adapt to the media formats you require.



behind the scenes


Crosstext was created by a trilingually and triculturally raised person with extensive global mileage, which resulted in enthusiasm for languages and an intimate, native speaker knowledge of the English, German, Serbo-Croatian and Bosnian languages.

The process of learning these languages at young age and in the respective countries endows a person with a certain sensibility for colloquially and culturally authentic expressions, as only someone who has grown up with a language can possess.

German secondary schooling, as well as an academic career at LaTrobe University in Melbourne, Australia have in turn strengthened the grasp on specialized and academic texts and have created extensive research abilities in German and English.



a life abroad


Age 0-6: Bosnia & Herzegovina, ex Yugoslavia.

Age 6-14: Residence in Germany.

Age 14-25: Residence in Melbourne, Australia.
Graduation from Australian highschool, as well as completion of a bachelor at LaTrobe University, Melbourne.

Age 25-current: Residence in Hamburg, Germany.